American Firearms Academy is the preeminent service for handgun permits and licensing and training. It includes handgun selection, acquisition, retention and training for use on the job as Armed Security Guards, for home or business defense or for recreational use.


AFA will provide instructors who have very specialized skills and who will provide the professional expertise to guide the client through every step of handgun acquisition from completing the required applications and submitting it to the appropriate jurisdiction or police department all the way to acquiring a hand gun and learning how to use it. AFA will provide you access to the widest array of weapons and experts to make sure you pick the best and safest weapon for you. Then, AFA will provide complete training in the use, handling, storing and transporting your weapon.



Unarmed Security Guards wishing to upgrade their skills and employment opportunities by getting certified as Armed Security Guards.
Individuals entering the Security Guard industry for the first time and wishing to secure their license as Armed Security Guards right from the start.
As a convenience for those individuals wishing to enter the security industry for the first time and who are entering the Armed Guard program, AFA will provide for the basic training required to acquire the initial Security Guard license. In NY this license is required before going forward with the Armed Guard training. In NJ they can be pursued simultaneously.

Business protection with a handgun requires the appropriate license, acquisition of a weapon and training in the use, storage and transportation of the weapon. Without the proper license and training, the use of the weapon, even in self defense can have serious consequences for the user.

As above in business safety and defense, the defense of your home is of equal importance. Once again, to do this safely and legally one must acquire the proper permits/licenses and be properly trained in all aspects of use and storage of the weapon.
Urban Survival is one of our most popular courses for those not doing the Armed Security or Business protection courses.  It combines the full curriculum of the home  course, which is a handgun acquisition, training and storage program. Plus, it also includes self defense techniques. These techniques might help avoid having to use the handgun and are extremely useful if confronted with a potentially dangerous situation while out of the house where you do not have access to your weapon. It is not a martial arts course but it is taught by trained and experienced martial arts or law enforcement instructors. It teaches the art of defense using your hands, body and every day items like keys, etc. which can usually be found in your hand bag, pocket or around the house. It also builds the confidence needed to use these techniques. Further and very significant, the course includes training in the use of pepper spray devices as a defense against potential or real threats and includes a pepper spray canister for the client to take home at the end of the course. These canisters are conveniently sized to fit in your purse or pocket.
Executive Protection courses are at the high end of security training and encompass many personal protection techniques not taught in any security guard courses or at law enforcement academies. The instructors are professionals who have been providing personal security to high profile individuals and companies for many years. It highlights numerous danger signs to be aware of and look out for and most importantly, the many ways to secure the safety of the person you are protecting.


Douglas Worthen
Born January 20, 1972 in Brooklyn, NY Douglas Worthen had his first Martial Arts class at the age of too. His uncle Billy Worthen, a staff sgt. In US Air Force, taught him. Due to his uncle’s constant traveling the martial arts training was forced to discontinue but Douglas interest in learning the arts continued to grow. After various altercations, Douglas realized that he had to find martial arts training immediately. In 1987,Douglas found a young man in the East New York section of Brooklyn, who taught a Japanese form of Karate called Shoto-Kan. He was Know as Sensei Craig Harrison, he and Doug quickly became good friends.

By 1990 Douglas was given his black belt, with over ten awards in Kata, self defense and Kumtie for three life saving incidents. Douglas moved on to a career in security and law enforcement. Sensei Douglas first entered Law Enforcement field as an officer and then, moved on to be a SWAT Team member. He also worked for large corporations furnishing security, armed and unarmed.
In January 2004, Sensei Douglas was awarded his 3rd degree Black Belt under professor Bahiy Muhammed (simma). Sensei Douglas was also award the IAMA Hall of Fame the SIMMA Hall of Fame the Police Tactics Hall of Fame and the U.S.H.O.F.M.A.A. In 2005 Sensei Douglas was given his 7th degree Black Belt and was award the title Master, By Professor B. Mumammed. Master Douglas is the Co-Founder of Goshin Kai Academy Which supplies Martial Arts Security and physical fitness to Men ,Women, and children all over the NY/NJ area. Sensei Worthen is also semi fluent with Japanese, Spanish language and have his Brown belt in Judo under the late Sensei Bob Miller and is also certified instructor in firearms, Baton, Handcuff and OC Spray Sensei Douglas Worthen also serviced with the Essex County Constables Office