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American Firearms Academy is recognized as the premier education source for firearm safety training for anyone interested in learning about guns, prospective gun owners, hunters in search of training, or anyone looking to advance in firearms career development.


Firearms Training For All Ages And Skill Levels

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General Firearms Training

American Firearms Academy will provide you and your family with all the necessary knowledge, skill, and experience to properly handle, store, and use your firearms like a quality safety firearms professional.

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Top Firearms Instructors

All of our firearms instructors are certified and licensed with countless hours of experience teaching and handling firearms to all ages, skill levels, and any model guns. Learn from the best to become the best!

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Firearms Career Development

We have everything you need to advance your career as you develop in the firearms industry. Formal firearms training will teach you about weapons retention, self defense, an laws regarding the use of your firearm.

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  • “My teacher Douglas Worthen is a great guy, he takes his time to explain about real life situations, and parts of the guns with demonstration. He goes on to fix the problems you have in class. Also, he explains everything clearly and breaks down the parts of different gun types, teaches about all the safety parts, and how to handle and operate a gun. Class is fun and informative!
    Jennifer Nguyen 

  • “Class was very informative and efficient. Very clear and effective teachers”
    Damon Washington

  • “The instructor was very good. He explained a lot step by step! There was also plenty of time for questions”
    Ricardo Matos

  • “The instructors were very good about explaining holster use, and draw position. Anyone wanting to learn about firearms training needs American Firearms Academy! ”
    Jose Muzis

  • “This class is awesome! I can’t believe there is so much information on gun laws. I came here with zero knowledge and now I feel confident.”
    Julio Rivea

  • “The classes have been really good so far. The teachers are great and love the way they are teaching the class”
    Ebaristo Leal